Audit of the organization


It provides the organization with feedback on the way and quality of work and adherence to the adopted methodology of work in its projects (e.g. Scrum, Kanban). Thanks to sets of quantitative and qualitative research, it objectively indicates the image of the organization, areas where improvements are required and areas where the organization is doing well.


The survey is preceded by a survey addressed to the entire organisation. A proper survey is a session with a selected project team to review the practices correlated with the Scrum, Kanban framework. The audit is interwoven with training sessions, games, group exercises that educate, build group work and also allow other teams in the organization to benefit and learn something new.


The offer is addressed to companies that use agile project management methodologies. They want to find out to what extent the selected agile approaches are applied within their organizations, project teams and want to improve current practices and processes based on the obtained post-audit recommendations.
The company benefits from the audit
    • You will get the collected knowledge about your own organization through feedback in an anonymous input survey (before the audit).
    • You get an impartial and objective expert opinion on the actual state of your organization based on the example of the audited scrum team and their practices.
    • You will maintain a degree of compliance with the scrum rules by the audited team based on the scrum framework, supplemented by additional manufacturing practices.
    • You will be given an audited team’s knowledge of how to apply the principles of the scrum.


  • Awareness and knowledge of scrum knowledge (presentations, games, exercises).
  • The identified areas for potential improvement of the manufacturing process by providing a set of recommendations for process improvement in the post-audit report.
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– Audit shortened 2-3 days depending on the duration of the sprint and the corresponding meetings within the examined team
– Audit extended 5 days and more spread over the duration of the sprint, even over a period of 1 month.
The duration of the audit and the way it is conducted depends on the client’s organization.


Depending on customer demand


individual, depending on the duration of the audit
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