Confluence for users and administrators
Confluence is an area of cooperation where teams and knowledge meet to achieve great common results. Like JIRA, Confluence is an Atlassian application with a wide range of applications. The use of generic mechanisms and high configuration capabilities allows to adjust the system to the needs of any organization. The training will help you to learn how to make the most of the tool, both for Confluence users and administrators. Create, collaborate and organize all work in one place!

Cele szkolenia

During the 2-day training you will learn about the capabilities of the tool and many practices how to effectively manage the so-called “content”. You will learn how to work with the tool and learn proven principles of administration and maintaining high quality of order in the tool. The training is based on a workshop, during which participants will be able to immediately practice and start practicing the acquired knowledge.

Target group

The training is addressed to all those who would like to learn about the Confluence tool and use it effectively in their daily work from the user and administrative side. According to the motto “Create, cooperate and organize all work in one place!” is to trigger cooperation between all users, so this training can be considered for all employees of your company.


There are no specific requirements for participants in this training. People with basic knowledge of how to use the tool will definitely have it easier.


You will need a computer for the workshop part of the training. The trainee will receive access to the training instance (Confluence Cloud).


  1. introduction
  2. Making a walk and pages
  3. Creating and using templates
  4. Describing the operation of macros and reviewing selected macros in practice, together with a discussion of how they are used when creating pages
  5. Sorting content based on label(s)
  1. Adding attachments and importing files to Confluence (e.g. word, excel)
  2. Restrictions and permissions for walks and pages
  3. Email notifications
  4. Shortcuts
  5. Revaluation of content changes
  6. Search for information and monitor changes
  1. Learn how to export to files (e.g. Word, PDF)
  2. Use workflow to perform document review
  3. Confluence integration with other Atlassian systems (Jira, Jira Service Management)
  4. Reporting tools
  5. Q&A session


2500 net + VAT