Jira Administration on project level

During the 2-day training you will have the opportunity to see how “from the kitchen” Jira looks like one of the most popular Atlassian’s project management tools in the world. You will learn how to perform a complete project setup tailored to the needs of your organization and what configuration options the tool provides in itself.

In addition, you will gain a lot of information about good practices developed by me over the years and the knowledge needed for effective project administration and efficient conversation with end users about the configuration options of the tool. You’re welcome!

Interactive training consisting of 30% lectures and 70% workshops and discussions.


Grupa docelowa

  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters/ Product Owners
  • Software developers
  • Testers
  • DevOps engineers
  • IT administrators
  • Others interested in a topic


1. Role and application

  • Issue tracker (container for declarations)
  • Tracking the progress of work
  • Development of software (planning, implementation)
  • Reporting

2. Typy projektów

  • Obsługa zgłoszeń i zadań
  • Klasyczne zarządzanie projektem
  • Zwinne zarządzanie projektem
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Inne

3. User management

  • Administrative powers
  • Users, groups, roles
  • Applications and license management

4. Configuration and administration of new project

  • Schemes and terminology of report types
  • Available fields and their
  • Configure ticket attributes and views
  • Workflow configuration
  • Notifications, screens
  • Use of versions and components
  • Security aspects (assigning users to roles, defining permissions, ticket levels)

5. Construction of advanced workflow

  • Default Workflow
  • Work with an editor
  • Status, resolutions and state transitions
  • Validators, Conditions and Post Functions
  • Step-by-step configuration example
  • Extending the functionality of an existing Workflow

6. Handling of requests

  • Views
  • The types of estimation
  • Reporting of reports (relations)
  • Priorities
  • Time tracking
  • Email integration

7. Efficient work

  • Canban (array configuration)
  • Scrum (requirements register, scrum board, firing chart)
  • Reports

8. Additives (Atlassian market)

  • Integration with the SVN code repository
  • Integrity checker, helpers
  • Support tools
  • Other popular additions

9. Tips&Tricks

  • Mass editions
  • Filtering basic and advanced via Java Query Language
  • Shortcuts
  • Import data to Jira
  • Information about the maintenance window

10. Question and answer session


2500 netto + vat