Next HackYeah is coming up – zero-waste & health next in line!
17 November 2020

This will be the sixth edition of the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe. HackYeah 2020 will be held worldwide on the internet, on November 27-29th. The tickets are free and the pool prize is at 355 000 PLN!

A hackathon brings together experts from various languages of programming. The main aim of HackYeah! is to find the solutions and technological tools that will make people’s reality easier and better. During every edition, the event brings together all creative brains, who have the real will of action and change. Thanks to the invaluable skills and bright ideas of the attendees, HackYeah hackathons always result in practical and unconventional projects that achieve desired goals by using the newest technologies.

What tasks can you be ready for?

At the nearest edition of HackYeah! attendees will be looking for solutions in many different areas. There will be two kinds of categories, in which they can try themselves. In open categories, HackYeah people can submit their ideas connected with the particular subject matter, when in Partner’s Tasks attendees have to find the tool that will cover the specific requirements established by the Partner. Organizers reveal two open categories at HackYeah 2020:

    • Zero Waste – where content support gives WWF Polska, the pool prize is 10 000 PLN
    • Health – where content support gives Rak’n’Roll, pool prize is 10 000 PLN

Among the numerous Partner’s tasks, we can find:

    • BGK Application Information Center – powered by The Main Partner, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the pool prize is 65 000 PLN
    • The platform for ESG applications – powered by The Main Partner, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the pool prize is 35 000 PLN
    • Innovation@Amazon Competition | Alexa Skills Kit Partners – powered by Technology Partner, Amazon Development Center Poland, the pool prize is 30 000 PLN
    • Map of reported wild boar sightings – powered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the pool prize is 40 000 PLN
  • Follow the river to reach the sea”: increased risk offers detector – powered by the Ministry of Finance, the pool prize is 35 000 PLN
    • “Treasury of the Taxpayer”: app for taxpayers – powered by the Ministry of Finance, the pool prize is 35 000 PLN
    • “Digital Tax”: text to digital data converter – powered by the Ministry of Finance, the pool prize is 35 000 PLN

Partners of the hackathon are still working on new tasks. However, the total pool prize is now at 355 000 PLN! All news appears regularly on HackYeah website and social media channels:



Hack Yeah! – is it for me?  

As always, the hackathon is open for everyone: UX-ers, programmers, graphic designers, product managers, developers, and all other creative folks! The attendees will have a total of 40 hours to work on widely understood ecology, zero waste, health and finance-related topics. An additional incentive for participants is the chance to further develop their idea and implement it. Projects participating in the competition can be submitted individually or in teams. Communication between participants, organizers, mentors and jurors will take place on the Discord channel, which you can join today: Every attendee can count on the support from mentors, concerning the technological matters as well as the ways of implementing ideas for solutions to the particular tasks.

We organize Hack Yeah because we believe that formula of the hackathon can truly explore a huge potential of ideas that are hidden inside the IT community. From this place, I encourage everyone who has ideas and the strong will to create valuable ecological, health and finance-related tools to join Hack Yeah. The history has proved several times that this hackathon can really change the humans’ reality for better – and that is actually our goal! 

– Jakub Kozioł, CEO of PROIDEA Sp. z o.o.

I’m glad to see the Polish public sector once again inviting the programming community to work on key challenges our country is facing. Every hackathon is a time when the administration and the innovators inspire and encourage each other to work on solutions benefiting the whole population. HackYeah has shown on numerous occasions that during Europe’s largest hackathon this effect is multiplied.

Justyna Orłowska – Pełnomocnik Prezesa Rady Ministrów ds. GovTech

More than just hackathon

Organizers believe that HackYeah is more than a hackathon – it’s basically a huge IT festival.

Besides hacking, you can

    • take part in numerous webinars where speakers raise various topics from different IT and social branches. They will be streamed live from 23rd to 27th of November at HackYeah! Facebook profile;
  • watch hacking awesome HackYeahTV! where HackYeah News, interviews with partners and attendees, webinars and some great music will be broadcasted;
  • – expect lots of live contests and activities that will make this productive weekend pleasant for you – organizers will take care of maintaining the festival atmosphere known from the five previous editions of the hackathon, this time transferred to the virtual world;
  • – join the gaming zone;
  • – meet online marvellous, creative and can-do people. Make friends or new business partners;
  • – find awesome employer -, just approach their online stand and talk your way into their company.

Hack Yeah! backstage  

The event is organized by PROIDEA — a company that has been organizing events for the IT industry for years; the originator and producer of HackYeah. For the umpteenth time, Hackathon is supported by GovTech Polska — a program operating in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister aimed at engaging the community into introducing innovation to the public sector. It works with technology companies and citizens to jointly modernize public administration and find ways to use technology to accomplish tasks undertaken by the state. The Main Partner of the event is Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. This edition of HackYeah is also the main part of GovTech Festival.

Many public and private institutions, both Polish and international, have joined the initiative, providing knowledge and mentors to help participants. Companies and organizations that have ideas on how technology can improve health, ecology and finance are welcome!

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