This is the fifth edition of the Conference on Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis
25 February 2020

On behalf of the organizers of the Conference on Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis (KIWAB), we are pleased to invite you to participate in the unique 5th edition of this event.
ConFERENCE OF REQUIREMENTS AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS INNOVATION (KIWAB) is the only such conference in Poland and the first one in Poland is focused on two topics: business analysis and requirements engineering.
The aim of the conference is to meet two worlds: business and IT, to exchange experiences but also to improve the quality of the software produced in Poland. This is possible by presenting best practices, but also tools that improve the work of analysts and requirements engineers (business and system analysts). 
The conference is a place where the latest trends in Poland, but also worldwide, are presented. The organizers carefully select the speakers so that the participants can exchange experience with the best specialists from the IT industry, but also from the world of business.
Analysis regardless of whether you have: business analyst, system analyst, business and system analyst, or even differently, is everywhere. That is why on our conference you will meet, among others, with topics:

  •  product development
  • analysis in an agile approach
  • business process automation

For whom the conference:Business analyst, system analyst, requirements engineer (business and system analyst), product owner, project process and risk managers, product manager, all persons involved in creating products for customers.
Conference formConference is 2 days of intensive knowledge and experience exchange.
1 DAY – Workshops The first day as a participant you have a choice of 2 with 8 the workshops we provide.Workshop topics:

  1. “Writing requirements in Agile” – Aleksandra Mozalewska
  2. “Product thinking using Innovation Games” – Maciej Sowiński
  3. “Cooperation between analyst and Product Owner, i.e. analysis in an agile project” – Sławomir Kończyk and Patryk Lewkiewicz
  4. “How to avoid problems in SCRUM” – Ł.Nowacki
  5. “How to start to determine OKR in practice”
  6. “Event Storming for Business” – Michał Bartyzel
  7. “How could we…? Design thinking- introduction to design thinking”– Karolina Krawczyk
  8. “Meet and take the robot home” – Piotr Ślęzak, Łukasz Burczak, Tomasz Górecki

Note! The number of places for each workshop is limited to 35. 

2 DAY – Lectures
You do not have to declare beforehand which lecture you will take part in. You can move freely between two slots depending on your needs.The full agenda is on the event page: https://kiwab.en/agenda/
The event page: registration page:

1 Gwiazdka2 Gwiazdki3 Gwiazdki4 Gwiazdki5 Gwiazdek (1 głosów, średnia: 4.00 z 5)

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