UX-PM certification
The UX-PM certified group has already exceeded a landmark 5000 people, more than 1000 of whom are Polish participants!

As UX-PM training partners and promoters, we would like to invite you to cocreate this community and learn about the information on the next training sessions on the Symetria partner website:

To receive a 5% partner discount or higher (if the order is larger), as a trainee, it is sufficient if you write an e-mail to with the information:


  • What kind of training are you interested in indicating your willingness to participate in an open training course (level, date and location)
  • You wish to have your training closed at your company’s headquarters (the e-mail should also contain information about the number of people taking part in the training, the planned level of training and preferences about the date and location)

Benefits of training and certification

You know

  • The difference between UX and Usability and the meaning of other terms related to User Experience
  • Potential benefits of implementing UX methods in a project and company
  • Queries to be asked to look at the project from a user’s perspective
  • The way of implementing the 3 basic test methods used by UX specialists
Make a statement:

  • Convince shareholders to use the UX approach in the project
  • Efficiently communicate with UX specialists, brief UX agencies
  • Realize basic UX methods (benchmarking, creating a person etc.)
You’ll notice the difference in:

  • The way you promote UX in your company
  • Quality of projects and products delivered
  • Getting UX specialists for projects and implementing them accordingly

The recipients of the training:

  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Account managers
  • Marketing and Brand Managers
  • Leaders and development team members
  • Leaders and team members working in agile and classic project management methodologies
  • Persons with no experience of coordinating the work of UX