Scrum Experience Day 2020

Scrum Experience Day 2

SCRUM EXPERIENCE DAY 2020 in Warsaw moved from June 3 to August 26!

We invite and recommend the participation in the second edition of the conference addressed to Scrum practitioners.

During the one-day conference we planned about 40 lectures based on case studies, workshop sessions, Open Space and 3 thematic paths:

  • Team focus
  • Process Management,
  • Non-IT.

This year the conference will be opened by Gunther Verheyen! During the event, we will discuss good practices, anti-patterns, failed projects and those that have achieved success.

Come out with the knowledge that you will immediately use in your everyday scrum struggles! Let’s meet on August 26 in Warsaw.

100% experience of practitioners – 0% dry theory

Experience Scrum at SCRUM EXPERIENCE DAY 2019! took patronage over the conference. For our readers and supporters, the organizers have prepared a special discount – 10% from the current price of the event.

To use the preferential conditions, please enter the code: scrumdo_sed2020 when registering or register via the link:

More information: 

See you soon!